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Kumgangsan (or Mount Geumgang) is a famous 5,374 ft high mountain in Kangwon-do, North Korea. Its name means "a firm heart in the face of truth". It is located on the east coast of the country. Wikipedia

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Winged equestrian statue "Chonllima" is the Korean name for a mythical horse. Its name roughly means "thousand-mile horse", is often portrayed as a winged horse and several such statues are found in the North Korean capital Pyongyang. Wikipedia

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Kumsusan Memorial Palace, aka Kim Il-sung Mausoleum, is a building located northeast of downtown Pyongyang, capital of North Korea. The palace is the former official residence and office of North Korea's president and founder, Kim Il-sung. Wikipedia

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UN member state || Official name: Democratic People's Republic of Korea || Common name: North Korea || Location: East Asia bordered by China, Russia, South Korea || Capital: Pyongyang || Official Languages: Korean || Area: 120,540 sq.km || Population: 23.3 million || GDP per capita $1,900 || Currency: North Korean Won (KPW)