Russia #273 10 Rubles (1997) - RM8.00

Bridge across Yenisei River in Krasnoyarsk, third largest city in Siberia, with population of 948,500 (2009 est). Wikipedia

Russia #254 100 Rubles (1993) - RM5.00

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Spasskaya Tower ("Savior Tower") is the main tower with a through-passage on the eastern wall of the Moscow Kremlin, which overlooks the Red Square. It was built in 1491 by an Italian architect Pietro Antonio Solari. Wikipedia

Russia #250 1,000 Rubles (1992) - RM11.00

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870 – 1924) was a Russian Marxist revolutionary and communist politician who led the October Revolution of 1917. As leader of the Bolsheviks, he headed the Soviet state as it fought to establish control of Russia. Wikipedia

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UN member state || Location: Northern Eurasia (largest country in the world) borders with many countries || Capital: Moscow || Official Languages: Russian || Area: 17,075,400 || Population: 142 million || GDP per capita $14,692 || Currency: Ruble (RUB)