Uzbekistan #75 5 Sum (1994) - RM8.00

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Monument of Nizām Alī Shīr Herawī (1441 – 1501) was a Central Asian politician, mystic, linguist, painter, and poet of Uyghur origin who was born and lived in Herat. He is generally known by his pen name Navā'ī. Wikipedia

Uzbekistan #76 10 Sum (1994) - RM9.00

Gur-e Amir is a mausoleum, Persian for "Tomb of the King". This architectural complex with its azure dome contains the tombs of Tamerlane, his sons Shah Rukh and Miran Shah and grandson Ulugh Beg and Muhammad Sultan. Wikipedia

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UN member state || Location: Central Asia, landlocked bordered by Kazakshtan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan || Capital: Tashkent || Official Languages: Uzbek || Area: 447,400 || Population: 27.37 million || GDP per capita $2,283 || Currency: Sum (UZS)