Belize #43 1 Dollar (1-7-1983) - RM150/=

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Bird jabiru stork receives special attention, protection from Belizeans. Standing up to 5 feet tall with wingspan reaching up to ten feet or more, the jabiru stork is easily largest flying bird in Western Hemisphere. Source: NorthernBelize_com

Belize #66b 2 Dollars (1-1-2005) - RM28/=

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Maya ruins of Belize, considered part of the southern Mayan lowlands of the Mesoamerican culture area, and the sites found there were occupied from the Preclassic until and after the arrival of the Spanish. Wikipedia

Belize #67c 5 Dollars (1-9-2007) - RM48/=

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St. George's Caye is an island in the Caribbean Sea, part of the Belize. 10 September 1798, British settlers fought and defeated Spanish fleet. Wikipedia
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